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The Housing Commission has been set up by the chart GBP/USD Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network (CCIN) and is being led by Croydon Council. The aim of the Commission is to encourage and enable councils to foster and support community-led housing by setting out why councils should support community-led housing and spreading good news stories that communicate how improvement and innovative practice could be replicated across the country. It aims to develop positive responses to the latest funding and legislative challenges and current opportunities in order to show how co-operative, community-based solutions can help to boost housing supply, involve local communities, and safeguard and deliver new affordable social housing. Above all the focus of this Commission is practical – to ensure its products enable councils to encourage and support community-led housing schemes.



Projects from across the UK will be detailed here following the Commission’s call for evidence in 2017


Current Activities – Blogs

What’s our situation with Community Led Housing?

What’s our situation with Community Led Housing? A lack of genuinely affordable homes is the crisis of our time, with the cost of home ownership out of reach for far too many people. The current entry level price of a one bedroom flat in Croydon is around £200,000. To...

Phases Social Enterprise

Phases Social Enterprise Here at Phases Social Enterprise we are focussing on a new build development of NZD-CHF six flats in Brockley, South East London. The site is currently a car lot which sits next to an end of terrace property which we renovated in 2015. That property...

Locality and community-led housing

Locality and community-led housing Community-led housing is increasingly top of the agenda for community groups trying to help and support local people. As the national network for community organisations, Locality currently has 600 members working in every sphere of...

Community-led Housing: Stepping out of the echo chamber

Community-led Housing: Stepping out of the echo chamber   What’s our situation with community-led housing? Community-led housing is not new. People have taken control over housing in many ways, across many countries, over many years. Despite this, “what is...